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How to Make a "This Is Your Life" Video

Useful Links

Here are a bunch of sites you might find to be useful as you launch your own effort to make your mom her own "This Is Your Life" video.
  • - the software I used to make the video
  • - Adobe Photoshop suite of software that has options from beginner to advanced photo and video editing
  • - a site I discovered that helps you build videos and share them real time via an email link. 
  • - the best search engine is a great resource to find pictures from your mom's life she has never seen
  • - the leading music site is a great resource for you to find music to be the soundtrack to your mom's life
  • - a great site to find information about your family tree that you can use to learn and maybe include some of that in your video. is a paid subscription site, but they also offer a free site at
  • - the best tool I have found to build websites.  As an example, I built this website over a few hours on a weekend.  After I built it using Freewebs, I purchased the domain name using Freewebs and attached it to the site hosted on Freewebs.  I had originally planned to build it using FrontPage or a similar program, but was intimidated by the learning curve and cost of those.
  • - this was the site where I got the royalty-free copyright images to put in this site.  It costs about $1 per picture in small size to be allowed to use them in a website.
  • - if you are interested in doing a project like this, but would rather have someone do it for you, here is a list of websites out there in this category.  I doubt it is a comprehensive list, but it does have a lot of listings.  I don't have any experience with any of these providers, so I can't recommend any of them, but offer this as a starting point for you.
  • The Legacy Project - a great non-profit site with ideas for other creative, meaningful homemade Mothers Day gifts
  • Video Scrapbooking sites -

Let me know if you have other resources you would recommend to others by signing the guestbook or entering a comment below:


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