Return The Love - Make A Gift to Pay Back Your Parents

How to Make a "This Is Your Life" Video

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Home - introduction to the site.  Explains why I built the site to encourage and instruct people how to make a "This is your Life" video for your mom or other loved one
1. Pre-Planning - this gives you instructions on how to plan out the movie
2. Gather Pictures - this gives you ideas on where you can find pictures to put in the movie
3. Define Chapters - this shows you how to split the movie up into chapters to organize and provide a theme
4. Select Software - this gives you tips on which software programs can help you build the video
5. Pick Songs (w/ examples) - this is a list of song suggestions, with links to hear the songs, with a description of what the song is about and what it could accompany well within a move
6. Put it Together - shows you how to actually put all the material together into a movie
7. Edit - gives you tips on what do look for as you edit the video to make it perfect
8. Plan Unveiling - gives you tips on how to plan the unveiling of the video in a way that will have the most impact on your mom or whomever you are building the movie for.  Talks about how it is a great gift idea for Mothers Day or Fathers day or a birthday.
9. Unveil & Enjoy - lets you know what to expect on the big day you unveil the movie
10. Share Experience - encourages you to tell others about this experience, so they do the same for their mother
Movie Examples - this has links to home videos for their mother that others have made and posted on YouTube
Other Ideas to ReturnTheLove - some other ideas on how you can do nice things for your parents to pay them back
About Us - a brief biography of the site author and why he built this
Useful Links - links to other web sites that can help you
Tell Others About This - links to tools you can use to help spread the word about this cause
Subscribe to This Site - where you can sign up as a member of this site to get updates and such
Contact Us - where you can go to write an email to the site author
Guestbook - place where you can post a comment or read the other comments already posted by visitors