Return The Love - Make A Gift to Pay Back Your Parents

How to Make a "This Is Your Life" Video

Some Examples of "This Is Your Life" Home Movies

Here are some examples of different ways to do "This Is Your Life" home movies.  These are not done exactly the same way that I did them, but they give you some idea of the potential.  These are also shorter (3-8 minutes, 1-2 songs) than the videos I did for my mom and dad (each about 45 minutes with about 10 chapters and songs).

I found these posted up on YouTube - these are not ones I made. 

Click on the links below to open a new window with these videos on YouTube.  If you want to leave a comment about these videos, please do so directly on YouTube so the people who created these videos will get them.


1.  34th Wedding Anniversary Present to Parents



 2.  Mother's Day Gift Video


3.  Video from a Mother's Funeral




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