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Victor was raised in the midwest by great parents and is now a bachelor living in the east coast.  Despite a bunch of school degrees and a successful career he hopes his mom is proud of, he hasn't yet given his mother the greatest gift of all -- grandkids.  He wanted to figure out a way to pay his mom back for all she has done for him.  He suspects there are many others like him out there and that inspired him to create this site. 

The name of the site -- -- denotes a broader strategy he has taken to pay back his mom while he waits to start his own family.  When he looks at all the time his brother has taken to rear amazing grandkids, he realized he should invest some of the free time that bachelorhood provides him to pay back his parents in another way while he still can.  This "Return the Love" strategy actually started with a new Thanksgiving deal he worked out with his parents a few years ago.  Instead of spending his vacation time to go home to the midwest to visit his parents, he started taking them to nice places they wouldn't other go to without some encouragement and guidance.  The last few years have seen him take his parents on trips to Europe, South America, and Hawaii that have been a great way of sharing adventures and quality time with them.  (The picture is Victor and his mom on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in 2005.)  As a side benefit, they also provided a lot of great content for the "This is your life" video this site was inspired by.

Victor wishes you the best as you take the time to give your mom (or dad or someone else) a gift like this.

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