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How to Make a "This Is Your Life" Video

Select Software

There are many options today for computer software that you can use to build a video.  I started by buying the Adobe Photoshop package, which is quite powerful but expensive.  After a while however, I ended up going back to the software I had used before for other projects.  Sacrificing the power of Photoshop for the familiarity of Ulead proved to be a good choice for me.
Whatever software you decide to go with, here are some things to consider:
  • If you have experience with some software, I suggest you go with that.
  • Do you want to stick to pictures, or do you want to add videos?  Videos do add a lot, but they increase the complexity.
  • I highly recommend using software that automatically provides some movement animation to still photos (e.g., panning in and out, moving to the side, etc.).  It is a very nice effect to have to make the production look more professional and to avoid it being boring.

Here is the software I ended up using and found to work well.

See the "Useful Links" page for some ideas on software to use.


Do you have advice about other software like this you want to share?  Add a comment below:



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